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Volunteer for SEVENTY48 and be part of the few people running this race that actually “know stuff.”

We are looking for folks excited to support racers who are as likely to be fleeing the law by sea as seeking to challenge themselves. Just completing this event is enough for anyone to worry about, so we need support teams in Tacoma to help send them off and in Port Townsend to make their finish line a supportive and hugely celebrative event. By volunteering, you get to have all the feelings of success and skip all the pain. We don’t know if it’s better than racing, but it’s definitely smarter.


Feet on the ground

Help out at the start and finish lines in Tacoma and Port Townsend. It can include set-up, sales, wayfinding, breakdown, and more!

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Help inspect race boats, train racers in SPOT trackers, and take part in the on-the-water safety system. Also, if you have a suitable boat and want to help—let us know!

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Paparazzi Crew

We are looking for people to help us bring action and excitement to the fans. Set up a video station, get out there with your drone, and help us capture all the action in real-time.

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Our parent organization, the Northwest Maritime Center, deftly handles our recruitment. If you’re interested in being part of SEVENTY48,  please fill out our 2024 Release Waiver. Below is a simple volunteer application you’ll need to fill out. After which, you can select jobs and shifts that float your particular boat.

Feet on the ground

Our adventure races are a dynamic beast, growing and changing year to year. Help us keep our race course well-marked, staffed, and clean for all the racers by helping out at the start and finish lines in Tacoma and Port Townsend. Volunteer positions can include set-up, sales, wayfinding, and breakdown. For 36 hours straight, we staff a clubhouse for racers and occasionally drag them out of their boats when they are too tired or cramped up to stand.

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Positions for racer safety support are skill-specific. We aren't looking for master mariners in every position, but we need people who can think on their feet, work well within a structured safety system, have the ability to work hard and sometimes long hours, and understand that this work is what keeps race teams safe during this focused challenge!

Applications Closed for 2024


We are looking for camera folk, social media jockeys, and folks willing to take some short videos for social media and our website. If you don't have a boat, we'll supply one. And if you want to work overnight, we'll set you up. We know we are asking for a lot, and we are willing to shower you with appreciation, photo or video credit, and help make your efforts as simple as possible.

Applications Closed for 2024

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