Start with a party. End with a party.

SEVENTY48 Pre-Funk and Race Start

When: Friday, May 31, 2:00–? PM
Where: The Social Bar and Grill in Tacoma
We’re putting up tents, rolling some kegs into the lawn, and pouring some electricity into a band. Yeah, it’s The New Triumph out of Seattle. And yes, there is food. Have you eaten at Social? It’s awesome. And beer from the beloved Harmon Brewery.  It’s a party and the last gasp for the racers who will be putting pedal, paddle, or oar into the water at 7 PM that day. Come down and meet some of these rabid racers and be part of the horde to yell, stomp, and cheer as they push off into 48 hours of unknown adventure.

SEVENTY48 Finish line Clubhouse and Bar

When: May 31 when the first finishers arrive til June 2 when the Awards Ceremony ends it all.
Where: Pope Marine Building at the Finish line dock
You can thank us later. We’ve rented this building and are stuffing it with a bar, snacks, music, a couch, and a tracker to watch the race. It’s a place for family, friends, and fans to hang out and wait for teams to arrive, second guess teams tactics, and view the hallowed yet courageous eyes of victory in every team that finishes. All ages are welcome and it’s totally free to hang out. Come have a beer,  munch on peanut M&Ms, and lounge on the couch as you wait for your buddy/partner/family person to stagger up the beach.

R2AK Pre-Race Ruckus

When: Sunday, June 2, 3:00–8:00 PM
Where: Pope Marine Park, Port Townsend
That’s right. In Escherian fashion the finish line of the one is the start line of the other. SEVENTY48 will be finishing the day before R2AK begins. We’re going to have the SEVENTY48 award ceremony during the Ruckus. Awards given out at 7:15 PM, center stage.

Find out all about the Ruckus here.