We’ve tried to compile some of the best answers for the most frequent questions. If you don’t find the answer you seek here you still have two options! Join the SEVENTY48 Racer Forum group on our Facebook page or ask us directly. And if you have better answers to all these questions, email us too. We’ll update the page with your wisdom!




If I carry a bike in my canoe, can I just do either to get through the checkpoints and to Port Townsend?

You can only ride a bike if it has no wheels.

Can I swim the race?

Swim the race?  Swim? We’ll consider it, but therapy may be a better route at this time.

I can’t find the list of classes for the race.  What are the classes?

Specific classes are determined on or around April 15th and reflect the type of boats that register. All we know so far we printed out of this page.

What are the ferry routes?

Ferries – VesselWatch

How far do we have to stay from Indian Island? (and other Indian Island rules, like no landing)

Don’t know, but it’s far. Over a football field. It’s what you want to do. They house, you know, bombs.

Are there public beaches for landing/camping?

Public Beach Access – Washington State Coastal Atlas

Blake Island – first night camping – There are regular campsites, but also a group site, suitable for up to 100 people.

What about pre-race camping in Tacoma?

Dash Point State Park

Let’s be geeks. Wind Roses w/Statistical Data



6 to 8 am https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/mirage-public/wind+rose+6+to+8.png

6 to 8 pm https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/mirage-public/wind+rose+18+to+20.png