PCHS Yacht Club 2019 SEVENTY48


2019 Recap

2019 Recap

And so it happened. 109 teams barreled up Puget Sound. 97 teams finished. 12 Broke their boats or were too strongly lured by the sirens promising warm beds and a relief to aching muscles. The pot of money was stirred and divvied up. As first across the finish line Team IMUA took home $5400 and are giving it to a charity of your choice…which is totally not true. We have no idea what they are doing with the money. All the class awards and the Random Hero award took home $1362.50. Yup, they got quarters as part of that win. And while the greatest prize was just being able to complete the race and high five their fellow racers, a little moolah in the right hand isn’t a bad thing.

Here are the money winners for the 2019 SEVENTY48:

The one that beat ‘em all: Team IMUA, Maas Sliding Seat Double
By Yourself: Team Wave Forager, Maas Sliding Seat Single
Facing Forward: Team IDEA, twin bicycle powered catamaran built by students from Tacoma’s SAMI School
Standing Up: Team Heart of Gold, custom designed Bark SUP
Ortlieb Most in Need of a Drybag Team Don’t Duet, Pocock Double Wherry
Mustang Be Safe: Team Type 2 Fun (who helped Don’t Duet when they swamped their boat!), Seaward Passat double kayak
Random Hero Award: Team Fat Tug

2019 SEVENTY48 Race Results

97 teams finished year two of SEVENTY48. Here are the results.