SEVENTY48: 2024 Recap

The bells have rung, the oar blades have taken their final dip, and SEVENTY48 2024 is a speck in the gunwale-mounted rearview mirror. 128 teams, each packing months of prep and giddy anticipation, launched from our swanky new start at Foss Waterway Seaport and embarked on their grand adventures north.

This year’s weather? Total plot twist. The usual Blake Island spin cycle hit snooze, leaving racers to tango with a course that swung between zen-like calm, playful (and sometimes large) swells, and breezes that ranged the compass. Some racers blitzed through like caffeinated cheetahs, while others chugged along like low-rpm diesel trucks on a marathon. Teams, with an eye on a menacing southerly and rain forecast for Sunday, hit the gas to outrun it, crowning it the speediest SEVENTY48 ever.

Moments of triumph, camaraderie, and pure joy were as plentiful as barnacles on a pier. Team Beasts From the East barreled through the finish line in 10 hours and 42 minutes, again swiping First Overall (*just 15 minutes shy of how fast they won last year.). Team Salty Beavers Rowing Club grabbed the Facing Backwards award in their Maas Double rower after 14 hours and 4 minutes. Solo rower Team Patty Party snatched the By Yourself award in 14 hours and 23 minutes, proving that sheer grit can indeed carry you through. And the final prize: Standing Up was claimed by Team Sea Town Supper Club, first to finish on a SUP this year, in just 17 hours and 11 minutes. In the end, 81 teams hit the finish line.

Heartwarming surprises peppered the finish line. Team Afternoon Delight’s racer was greeted by his wife with a “we’re pregnant” sign, adding a personal triumph to his race victory. Meanwhile, Team Red was brewing up Aeropress java for the media team at Point No Point, proving the real MVPs keep us caffeinated. Scenes of joy, of exhaustion, of exuberant depletion filled the course.

A round of applause to some incredible folks: the kindness and hospitality of Foss Waterway Seaport brought a new beginning to this 6-year-old of a race, and huge thanks to the Pierce County Sheriff, USCG Blue Shark, and Officer Greg from Tacoma PD, who were out on patrol into the night. Also, a giant shoutout to Fisheries Supply and Travel Tacoma, without whom none of this happens.

To all the racers, volunteers, and supporters, thank you for making SEVENTY48 2024 an unforgettable journey. Until next year, keep those paddles ready and spirits high!

Here are the 2024 SEVENTY48 winners:

First Overall: Team Beasts from the East, 10hrs 42mins
Facing Backwards: Team Salty Beaver Rowing Club, 14hrs 4mins
By Yourself: Team Patty Party, 14hrs 23mins
Standing Up: Team SeaTownSupperClub, 17hrs 11mins

NRS Random Hero Award: Team We Get 'Em at Night
1/8th of the purse and a full Gore Tex Dry Suit. We took all the names of the teams that finish and threw them in a hat and drew one lucky winner.

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Photos by Dean Burke, Robert Dall, Lisa Harrison, Mark Cole, NWM Staff, and Volunteers.

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