Team Odyssey

team members John Hall and Richard Hall hometown Eatonville, WA vessel Marblehead Gunning Dory Rowboat

Team Jungle Rules

team members Robin Pike and Diane Green hometown Ashland, OR vessel Maas 2x Rowboat

Team Zoomiaq

team members Chris Cacciapaglia, Emily Iseley, Abbigail Stehno, Christopher (Chance) Campbell, Tyler Campbell, and Andrew (North) Spring hometown Port Orchard, WA vessel Umiaq Rowboat

Team Wilson & I

team members Jay Blackmore hometown Nelson, BC, CAN vessel Spindrift Whitehall Rowboat

Team Red Rower Buoys

team members Hart Williams and Michael Hagmann hometown Bainbridge Island, WA vessel Savo 650 E Rowboat

Team Half Tame

team members Dave Stewart hometown Olympia, WA vessel Echo Islander Rowboat

Team Snoose Junction

team members Bob Hall and Daniel Olsen hometown Seattle, WA vessel CLC Nor’easter Dory Rowboat