Whoa boy! You have done committed yourself.

Are you going to train for this thing? If so, get started! Those 70 miles aren’t going to just paddle themselves, or row or whatever, you get the idea. We’ll be getting your name up on the website in a couple weeks. If you need anything slip on over to our registrar’s email: Kate@nwmaritime.org. Pretty soon you’ll be able to meet the other rag tag crews doing this thing by going to the forum—it’s coming soon, we’ll let you know when we roll it out. Or don’t go to the forum. You can just sit around and mow down some Twinkies ’til race start. We’ll love ya anyway. I mean, it’s you that’ll be puking by mile 8, wishing you’d at least tried to put some effort into making this race not the painful ass whooping it’s turning out to be, but we digress.

Just meant to say congratulations, welcome to the race!