• June 6, 2018 at 3:36 am #1674

    Team “Hot Digity” and I paddled around Marrowstone-Indian Islands with a side trip to Port Townsend to see what the last 10 miles of the race would be like. I have always scrupulously obeyed the signs that say “NO BOAT LANDING” on Indian Island north of the bridge. There is also one sign at the loading dock that says “STAY BACK 500 YARDS” but that is not hard because they have a floating fence around it. I have paddled around Indian Island several times before and once obeyed the signs by paddling less than 10 feet from shore on the scenic stretches. (But never landing!) I have waved at and been waved at by friendly Navy people on shore.

    On Monday we didn’t paddle very close to shore, getting within 10 yards only at the points as we paddled the most direct route. But this time there was a guy in a white Police sedan who followed us and PWEEEPED his horn at us and pointed farther offshore, even though we were definitely not landing anywhere.

    So what are the rules for distance from Indian Island and why do the signs not mention anything about this? And does this guy in the police sedan know that there are going to be 120 people paddling past there next week? He is going to wear out that PWEAPer on his horn.

  • June 6, 2018 at 4:04 am #1675
    Daniel Evans

    Yeah they know we are coming and you can never account for the actions of all the people in a community. He might have been having a bad day. You just can’t land on the island. Like don’t even think about it. And, like you said, where it says stay off 500 yards, do that too.

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