• May 25, 2018 at 5:06 pm #1602

      After practicing night rowing in Portland harbor, amongst boats, barges and tugs, I’ve realized I want my boat to be hugely visible to other vessels. My biggest worry in the dark was getting run over!

      I’ve added a bunch of LED lights. The front half of the boat is outlined in led strip lighting, installed just under the gunnel on the outside. This throws all the light outward, and doesn’t compromise my night vision.

      Each self-adheshive six-foot strip is powered by three AA batteries, which will last about 5 hours. Each strip has a remote control which will make the strip flash multiple colors. I also installed a strip on my 5 foot navlight mast. The lights face forward to preserve my night vision. I’ll change batteries once during the night.

      I also stuck waterproof LED puck lights on the transom, and along the side amidship. Each puck light has multiple LEDs. Like the strips, they have a remote controller that will flash different colors.

      All the lights are pretty cheap on Amazon and are intended for decorative use at parties and celebrations. They’re cheap, and cheaply made, but they only have to last through training and the race.

      At night my pretty stich-and-glue wherry will look like a cross between a UFO, a cruise ship and a bad sculpture on the Vegas strip. I’ll be easy to spot out there.

      I hope this is helpful. Don’t be shy about saying hello, I’m curious to meet other racers. My 14 foot wherry is white, with a red trim stripe and natural wood interior. Her name, Evensong, is painted on each side near the stern.

    • May 30, 2018 at 10:08 pm #1651

      Hey Tinman – Thanks for the feedback on night rowing and light set-up. I did a night row up Colvos Passage (west side of Vashon Island) on Saturday night and was literally the only boat out there, so at least for that stretch, the chances of getting run down by ships should be remote. As I’m sure you know, there are plenty of ferries to contend with along the route, and was surprised to see them run at 1:00 a.m. and beyond, but at least they stay on a specified route. . .

      Anyway, appreciate the input on your set-up; copied the “under bench” LEDs.


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