June 9, 2018 at 10:20 pm #1692
South Wind

Hey All,

I spent the day doing a land-based recon of the Northern portion of the course – from North Kitsap to the PT canal. I was mainly looking for water refill sources. I don’t plan on spending much time at the Kingston ferry area, but I stopped there to check on a water source. This may have been mentioned earlier, but there are no water taps at the the terminal itself. Immediately next to the terminal, though, on the southwest side is the Port of Kingston Marina. They share a walkway on the backside of the terminal. I stopped by the marina office and spoke with the Harbormaster – a friendly guy named Ray. He said he would have no issues with racers using the marina’s spigots to refill hydration bladders. It’s the same water source that sailboats use to fill up their tanks. All he asks is that we don’t make too much noise – I think “raise a ruckus” were his exact words – since people sleep on some of the boats.

Anyway. To access this water source, paddle around the back of the jetty which is southwest of the ferry terminal. The first pier you come across – which parallels the jetty and extends nearly to its end – has a couple of water taps on the water-side end. It should be very convenient for those choosing to use it. Ray said he’ll let the night security guard know to expect some of us showing up Monday night through Tuesday.

The info I found at Point no Point and Hanesville area were discussed earlier. There is one more water source prior to PT though. There’s a place named Oak Bay County Park on the southwest side of the PT canal (before you enter it), just before the jetty. They have a water tap there, right next to the big park info sign which should be visible from the water. There are several RVs camped right there, so just head toward them and you’ll find the tap.

Good luck everyone! Enjoy the trip!!