May 31, 2018 at 4:32 pm #1655

Thanks, that’s an excellent writeup. I flew into SEATAC a few days ago, and seeing the length of the route from the air was sobering. Boating the length of it must have been more so.

Your comments about the lack of sandy beaches were especially helpful. I’m thinking of taking breaks anchored up alongshore, rather than trying to find a beach to pull up on. My boat, a 14 foot Wineglass Wherry, looks pretty similar to yours. WIth a few cushions, I’m able to take a short nap aboard in relative comfort. I have a 3.5 pound folding anchor that should do the trick. I can set a drift alarm on the GPS in case the anchor drags.

Say hello if you see me. I’m Charles, in the white wherry with a red trim stripe. Her name “Evensong” is stenciled on the sides aft.