April 24, 2018 at 5:01 am #1360

For those who want a little more about the launch points but don’t want to travel to the Foss to see them firsthand, I’ve taken a few photos for you.

The first two are under the 21st Street Bridge (the big triangle one) at the hand launch. The ramp down to the launch is roughly 5.5ft wide with nothing overhead. There’s a nice big parking lot at the top under the bridge.

If you were thinking of just hand carrying down to the “beach” and launching, good luck finding a beach. Access is pretty difficult along most of the Foss.

There are a few good public access docks on the Ruston side of the Foss. Here’s an accessible dock just north of the Foss Seaport Museum (narrower than the 21st St Bridge launch).

If you can’t wheel or carry, you’ve got two lifts in the Foss, and there are rumors of a ramp on the Puyallup River where Stewart Street goes under the E 11th St bridge. Or there’s the ramp way out at Point Defiance.