April 23, 2018 at 9:30 am #1357

Experience from rowing the Atlantic, solid food is hard to stomach when your body is actually wanting to be asleep. I found that liquid meals, protein shakes etc, were brilliant. You stay hydrated and get adequate nutrition at same time. You can find some that only need fresh water to make up, not milk. Try and avoid simple sugars though, you’ll get a massive sugar crash and feel even worse. Complex carbs only at night time

Nav lights are always an issue with affecting nightvision, try to put some kind of shield between the light and the boat, so the light only goes outwards, not inwards towards you. Ideally, you see much more with no lights at all, but that’s not gonna be possible on this stretch of water

Set yourself a cut off speed, ie, if I’m going slower than 1 knot, then pull in and rest, it’s not efficient to keep rowing against stream / tide / wind. You’ll just get exhausted quicker and wont’ have gone very far.. trust me.. nothing is more vexing than to cover a tiny distance with many hours of rowing !. Wait for tide to turn / conditions to improve than get back on it

Yep, sunrise is just the best

Seeya at the start

Cath, team 1 of 8