35 miles a day is easy, right? Then do it and take the prize.

Not so fast, buddy. We’re not open for applications until sometime in the evening of September 6th. You’ll have from then until April 15 to apply.

Application deadline: April 15
Registration deadline (you have to get accepted first. I know, hard to believe…): April 30

To Qualify

There are truly no qualifications that are absolutely required to participate in this race—while the dangers are real, people have been traveling this stretch of water successfully on watercraft of all kinds since before written history. Alternately, just because it’s been done doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea. Successful race applicants will have proficiency in the following set of skills:

– navigation
– first aid
– able to row/paddle/pedal for long periods of time
– radio use
– collision awareness and avoidance
– trip planning and voyage logistics
– necessary repair skills for chosen vessel

Similarly, participant vessels will be considered along with crew qualifications. Factors include:

– design and construction
– inherent buoyancy
– stability
– safety equipment

And you’re gonna need to be healthy.

At the end of this page is where your commitment grows from aspirations over coffee to putting money behind that mouth. You’ll be paying $50 to apply, and that is not refundable. This means you are being vetted, because not every joker who thinks they can race, can really race.

After you’re accepted (hooray!)

Give us a couple of weeks for the vetting—you will be directed to a long and irritating registration form. There are lots of people looking for information, not just us. Search and Rescue agencies are interested too, just to give you an idea. (It’s probably a triple-shot form, whiskey or coffee, take your choice.)


50 bucks to apply

If you are accepted:
100 bucks to register
50 bucks for additional crew
50 bucks to rent our tracker
100 bucks into the pot for the first finishers. Yes, there are classes, but we have no idea what they are.

And you’ll have to pony up a refundable $200 deposit for the SPOT tracker. You’ll get that back unless you get cheeky with the tracker and submarine it.

Cancellations must be received in writing (email ok) 60 days prior to the event. We’ll keep 30% to teach you a lesson.
Cancellations made less than 60 days prior to event will not be refunded.
If we cancel, 100% of fees will be refunded.

And so you know, we’re as excited as you.

Ready to Apply?

Then hold that pose…until September 6.