Race Registration

Race Registration

Buddy, you’re in.

Thanks for signing up, but now you have to commit in ways you hadn’t imagined… registration. Here’s a tip: go solo. It may seem like a hard way to go, but it makes the registration sooooo much easier.

As a matter of fact, I’d put off all the pain you can until the race; Go solo to make registration easier, skip training and instead maintain your beer bong average, don’t invest in modern equipment (Call of Duty came out in November after all). Compressing the pain of bad choices into only 48 hours is good therapy.

Though today is just about knowing you can register.

If you don’t have certain info you can put TBD, but if you do that like more than twice, Catherine, our registrar, is gonna get upset. And that’s not good for you…

Finish this and know… we believe in you.

Hell yeah! Let’s race.

Looks like you missed the deadline to register. Bummer.